Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Leaving Chattanooga

The week of March 14th-19th was nothing but packing and organizing my room at my parents house. Believe it or not is actually took the whole week. During that same week it was nice to catch up with my friends from Chattanooga. I met up with my friend Lynde and Ashlee for some drinks at a local Chattanooga bar.

That weekend my mom hosted another going away party for me which family and friends gathered for a cookout. It was nice to see everyone and hard to say goodbye. Pictures will be posted later.

Mom and I had a hard time packing for my move. It is really hard moving somewhere you have never been before. I mean, I have been to England but not Coventry. There is only so much the internet can help with. I have two friends in London and they told me everything is really expensive so I tried to pack as much as I could.

Our flight left Atlanta at 11:50 pm and knowing our bags were a bit over weight we got there with enough time to spare. The man at the counter did not help us at all with the weight limit. He made us take out every extra pound out of every bag and put it in our carry on. Which I never understood that.. the plane will still weigh the same. Putting more in your carry on just makes the people traveling more uncomfortable!! Anyway, we finally headed through security.. you are probably thinking "I know the drill.. airport security not a big deal". Well this is where you are wrong. There was a man who was in front of me that refused to take his shoes off!! Yeah, now I got your ATTENTION! He caused a pretty big scene (as it would). I have never seen someone refuse to take their shoes off before and frankly I didn't know you had an option! Of course, the security guys took him off to the side to use the wand on him and of course, his shoes beeped!! Being the curious person I am I moved closer so I could hear their conversation. (I was also waiting on my mom) The mans reason for not taking his shoes off was... wait for it... because he had had them on since that morning. After hearing this I went into social work mode and wanted to help. One of the things that crossed my mind at the moment was that he had a mental illness where it bothered him not to follow a routine. I quickly realized I had a plane to catch and more importantly there was no messing with airport security.

The flight itself was just a normal long flight to England. I was not very impressed with Delta planes. I have flown with them before but this plane was old and very cramped.

Once we landed in London (Heathrow) we met our cab driver. He was really nice and very informative about everything in Coventry. The drive was really nice too. Since England has had so much rain the fields are really green. I tried to stay awake most of the drive so I could "take in the view" but I was too tired and fell asleep for about an hour. That extra hour of sleep turned out to be a good thing since I had so much to do once we got to the hotel.

Coventry City Council is paying for me to stay two weeks in a hotel which should be enough time to find a place to live. Once we got to the hotel my boss met me to touch base. He is extremely nice and it was good to see him. After he left two girls who are also from America and work with me met us for dinner. We walked a couple blocks into the city centre (yes that is how they spell center) for dinner. We ate at this really cute place called Playwrights. I had fish n' chips! I will defiantly go back there! Yummy!!!

That pretty much concluded our first day in Coventry however, we were awake more of the night due to jet lag.

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  1. Love the updates!! Keep em coming! Also, change your picture for the blog. It's from what?, two years ago?!

    Love love!!


  2. i hate taking my shoes off when ive already put them n for the day