Sunday, October 9, 2011

Reloved Sweater

Pinterest Inspired

Oversize men sweater made into a vest.

My inspiration for this project can be found at the following website.

Step by Step directions to create a Vest out of a sweater
{sorry for the lack of pictures}
  1. Lay the sweater on a flat surface
  2. Cut down the center of the front of the sweater
  3. Cut around the collar of the sweater for a better fit
  4. Cut the sleeves off the sweater
  5. Cut 2 inches (or more) off the bottom of the sweater for a better fit (optional)
  6. Cut the front flaps of the sweater to your liking. {This can be either straight edges or rounded edges}
  7. Turn in the edges of the sweater and sew a new seam {Sew around the entire sweater even the sleeves}
The embellished back of the Vest {optional}
  1. Use excess material from original sweater and cut a five inch strip of fabric
  2. Lay the vest on a flat surface and place the strip in the middle of the vest
  3. {optional} My vest was still too big in the back to under the strip of material I gathered the extra material in the center of the strip before sewing. {see picture above or message me questions}
  4. Hand sew the right and left side of the strip onto the vest.
  5. Hand sew one button on the right and left side for extra embellishment
As always, please contact me if you have any questions about the above project.
Happy Crafting

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