Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Deck the Halls

It's that time of year to start thinking about Christmas! I have decided to make most of my ornaments this year therefore, I am starting a bit early this year. Since I have moved to England I won't have all of my decorations I have collected over the years --time to get sewing! Here are step by step directions for Christmas Tree Ornaments.

Step 1: Cut two triangles out of your chosen fabric [this will be the tree part of the ornament]

Step2: Turn the two parts of the fabric so the right sides are together

Step3: Sew the right and left side of the tree while leaving the bottom open

Step 4: Turn the fabric to the right sides are on the outside

Step 5: Lay flat and make sure the corners are all out. You might want to use a sharp object to help push the corners out

Step 6: Stuff the stuffing inside the tree [if you don't have stuffing then you can use old scrap fabric but make sure it isn't dark fabric because then you will be able to see it]

Step7: Cut two strips of fabric for the trunk of the tree

Step 8: Sew the two strips together

Step 9: Trim around to make the perfect size for your tree

Step 10: Tuck the trunk into the bottom of the tree and sew [fold the edges in so you have a clean line]

Step 11: Optional Directions include adding embellishments to the tree. I added a button on the top with red thread. I also added red thread to the top so I can hang it on my tree.

Note: I did not add stuffing in the red trunk of the tree and ribbon would work perfectly as well as fabric. Also, if this tree were to be made bigger then it would be a cute throw pillow for added holiday decorations!

Happy Crafting xx

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