Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sunday Car Boot Sale

Today was another Sunday at the Car Boot Sale however, it was indoors this week instead of outside. Today was the first Sunday that the car boot was inside because the weather is getting a bit colder. This Sunday was also unique because we sold cakes as well as crafts. The cakes went down really well and everyone loved them. The cakes were made by Tilly's boyfriend who is really handy in the kitchen. Along with the cakes and a new location for the car boot we also revamped the way we displayed our earrings. Tilly made earring holders out of card stock which made transporting the earrings much easier and it looks a lot more inviting for customers!

Yummy Cakes Made by Chris and sold for .50 each

New Way of displaying earrings. Really easy to make and totally worth it. We sold several pairs of earrings today but would always love to sell more. We take custom orders.

Helen, a mother-to-be buying some of our pillows for her babies nursery. She said they would go perfectly on the rocking chair. How Lovely!

And the crafting never stops! Tilly hard at work making Christmas tags.

Remember, if you see anything on our blog that you are interested in purchasing just let us know! We are planning on having a give-away soon so keep checking back with us to see how to WIN!!

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  1. You need to put your headbands on here and on your etsy shop-they'll sell like hot cakes~!!