Sunday, September 18, 2011

Crafting meets Polo

Today we decided not to go to the car boot sale but go to the Polo instead. At the beginning of the week we had no intentions to set up a craft stool however, that quickly changed. There was no way we could go without crafting since we had so much stuff we needed to sell. The entry fee was a bit more than we normally pay-- I mean a lot more than we normally pay but then again how often do you get to go to the Polo??

Tilly posing at our stool. Our new addition to our craft stool were the pillow with the sayings on them. The sayings included: 'Old Git', 'Mr. & Mrs.', 'Love' and 'Sod Off'.

Some of the Polo Horses

Enjoying a beverage after a long day of crafting

The Gates to the Polo were just beautiful.

That concluded our eventful day at the RLS Polo Club in Stoneythorpe Hall

Until next time,
Happy Crafting xx

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