Sunday, June 19, 2011

Project table cloth

My table and dinning room was a little bare so I took the afternoon to make a table cloth. The fabric is an old bed sheet I bought at a car boot sale for £1. The other floral fabric was scrap fabric that my friend gave me.

Step 1: Measure the fabric out to fit the table
Step 2: Hem the edges of the material so the edges aren't frayed. *To do this just fold over the edges pin and sew.
Step 3: Cut out different shapes, letters or designs you want to be the focal point of the table cloth
Step 4: Pin the designs on and sew
Step 5: Iron. Everything looks better ironed.

The hardest part is working with such a large amount of fabric.

Final product.

Note: When sewing on the designs I used a zigzag stitch to give it extra character. Also, don't worry about it being perfect! With this project it will still look good even if the stitching isn't on the edge of the fabric.

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