Saturday, June 18, 2011

Crafting on the CHEAP

Crafting on the cheap is my motto. Since moving to England I have made most of the stuff in my flat. I have done this for two reasons. 1) I moved here without a lot of money and 2) I like staying busy.

Here are some ways I have been able to save money on the crafts.

-Recycle. Recycle. Recycle. Use things that you would normally throw away. This could include a phone book, newspaper, boxes or bottle tops.

-Use rubbish. Look in the skips (dumpsters) for old wood, windows or nails that you could use.

-Car boot sales or yard sales. Going to a yard sale or a car boot sale is a great way to get some good craft items. Look for things like sheets because that can be used as material to make something else. These are also great places to find furniture or other treasures. You can also talk the person down in price!!

-Use spray paint. Spray paint can be used to paint just about anything. It is also quick and drys fast.

-Second hand or charity shops. Look for local charity shops to by big items that you would normally buy new. This is cheap and it usually adds character to a home.

Most of the items I have made have cost little to no money because I have been creative in my shopping. Good Luck crafting for cheap!

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