Saturday, June 25, 2011

Car Boot June 18 2011

I know I have mentioned this before however, it is worth mentioning again. A great place to buy craft stuff on the cheap is a good ol' car boot sale. In America, flea markets and yard sales are also good.

Here are some items I got at last weeks car boot sale.

Three zippers 1.00
Note: This was the first thing I bought and a really should have paid .50 however, I was rusty on my bargaining skills. I got better deals the rest of the day.

I paid 2.00 for this bit of wall art. I saw it early in the morning and went back for it later in the afternoon. I really like it and thought it would be perfect hanging above my bed. It also reminds me of one of my favorite books 'The Help'.

Sewing Thread .50

I bought this lovely tea cup for 1.30. After getting home I found a similar cup online for 40.00. The seller said it is about 75 years old. I liked the pattern but I mainly bought it because it was made in England. I still think that is cool to see--I am so use to seeing 'made in china'.

Wool and knitting needles 1.25

Over all it was a good car for a car boot. We also sold more than we spent. I hope this weekend treats us just as well.

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