Monday, March 22, 2010

Waiting Games..

The waiting game has officially started. I am waiting on my new job in Coventry to send me my contract. This contract is very important because it includes their offer and all the benefits.. I was not to worried about it until I received a phone call this morning from another Social Worker who has also been offered a job in Coventry. She seemed worried that they have not gotten back to us yet. I assured her that it will be fine and we will know something soon. As I heard the confident words of encouragement coming out of my mouth I began questioning what I was saying. Who is to know when they will actually get back to us?? I sure don't. I am just crossing my fingers that it will be in the next 45 days... yes, 45 days. That is when I will officially have a Masters Degree and be done with school (forever??). Meanwhile.. I will be waiting or should I say running?? I better get to the track because training for a 10-k has proved to be difficult.

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