Thursday, July 28, 2011

Mosaic What? Mosaic a Stool

Materials Needed:
Stool or table
Paint {optional}
Hammer {or something to smash hard to smash the tiles with}
Super Glue

Step 1:
Paint the stool or table. We painted our stool white but feel free to paint your work of art a different color.

Step 2:
Draw a pattern or picture to mosaic. You can freehand this design or print an image off the internet and trace it.

Step 3:
Smash the tiles to little pieces!! I actually had a good time doing this. We used a hammer and put the tiles in a plastic bag so we didn't make a mess.

Step 4:
Start super gluing the bits of tile to the stool

Step 5:
Let the glue dry overnight or according to the directions.

Step 6:
Mix grout according to the directions

Step 7:
Use hands or mixing knife to spread the grout in the cracks

Step 8:
Scrape the extra grout off the top of the tiles and let grout dry.

Step 9:
Get a damp rag and wipe the tiles clean

Note: This project doesn't have to be expensive. What we spent: Stool 1.00, Grout 8.00, tiles-free. The other materials used we already had.

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