Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy American Mother's day to my wonderful mother! I wish I was there with her to celebrate another year of her being the best mother anyone could ever ask for. I am really sad I can't be with my family today because not only is it mother's day but my brother is graduating tomorrow! I have such an amazing family and I am so thankful every day for them. My brother is graduating from Auburn University tomorrow and I can't wait to see pictures of him in his cap and gown. I am sure it will bring tears to my eyes seeing him. I am so proud to call him my brother and proud to call my mom my mother. Happy Mother's Day and Graduation Day!

As you all my know-- there was a ROYAL wedding last weekend! I figured since I am living in England I must go and see what all the fuss was about! My friend Emily and I headed to London Thursday after work. We got on the faster train so we were there in an hour. Friday was a bank holiday so we had a long weekend to devote to seeing the wedding! After we checked in the hotel we walked to Buckingham Palace to scope things out. There were already a lot of people there camping out and waiting on the 'big day'. The Royal wedding seemed to be an event that really brought out a lot of happiness in everyone. Everyone was so nice and cheerful. I am sure everyone also liked the extra day off work too.

Anyway, we decided to get to Buckingham Palace at 4:00am Friday morning. We were prepared for cold weather and rain but neither happened. It ended up being a wonderful day and we got an amazing view. We figured there might not be another time that we are living in England during a royal wedding so we didn't mind getting up early. All in all we had a great day and we were really glad we went. We saw the Queen and the entire wedding party come back from the church. We also say the "KISS" on the balcony. Going into the weekend I was just a spectator but after it was all said and done I have been semi converted to a 'royalist'. I quite like William and Kate.

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