Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Officially or NOT?

School is officially over...forever?? I am not sure if this summer be a goodbye forever but it is at least for a long time. It sure does feel weird to be done with school. I have worked towards a college degree my whole life and once I accomplished that it was on to the Masters Degree. Now that I am finished with both of those goals on with the REAL WORLD. I guess this means I am an adult.
I often wonder what being an adult really means. Does it mean having responsibility? Well, I have had plenty of responsibilities ever since my parents divorced when I was seven. Does it mean living away from home? Well, once again I have lived away from my parents for five years. What is the next step? When am I officially an adult? I sure don't feel like one but I guess I act like one most of the time. I feel like I am in a weird stage of life where I am merely playing dress up or house. Maybe I will feel like I am an adult when I am older.. like 28. For now, I will continue fooling everyone around me into thinking I am just like them. GROWN.

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